A beautiful special practice you can do with or without your baby.  I will show you ways to practice yoga with babies and toddlers to engage the little ones by performing activities, singing and yoga poses to bond with baby and for mum to reconnect back to her body with our ‘after the baby’ yoga sequences.  Feel free to involve your baby in your yoga poses or place baby near you while you immerse yourself in a yoga practice.

These private postnatal yoga sessions can be tailored for mum alone or mum and baby centred where you can pause in your practice in a comfortable home environment to nurse baby and attend to all of baby’s needs. This will enable mums and bubs to relax and do something for yourself while still attending to baby’s needs.

Benefits for mums: Getting to rediscover your body whilst increasing abdominal and pelvic floor strength and function, reduction of back pain. 

When can I start prenatal yoga?

You can start prenatal yoga practice after you obtain medical clearance at your postnatal check up. Most importantly, when you are feeling physically capable, for some that may be a little longer. Prenatal yoga with baby is suitable for babies 8 weeks old to toddler.