Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness coaching teaches mindfulness-based practices to provide you with the knowledge, skills and support to implement techniques and strategies that you can implement as a daily practice to ease suffering from stress, depression and anxiety. A regular mindfulness practice teaches you skills to concentrate and anchors the mind to the present moment to be attentive and focus.The moment of ‘now’ helps us to rediscover the truth of what is important in our lives and connect with what truly matters

Jon Kabat-Zinn formed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in 1979, and since
this time it has steadily grown to help people face all sorts of challenges.

The practice of Mindfulness helps us to:

  • Manage depression, anxiety and stress
  • Manage grief and loss
  • Create new mental habits
  • Cope with effects of extreme and prolonged stress (emergency/armed services)
  • Concentration and focus in sport, work and school
  • Implement simple strategies throughout the day to combat stress
  • Pay attention and improve focus
  • Be present and live fully in the moment
  • Cultivate happiness and practices for living mindfully
  • Identify patterns of behaviour and tools to change
  • Eat mindfully to manage weight
  • Increase awareness of self
  • Improve relationships with the self and others
  • Understand the workings of your mind
  • Brings peace and happiness into your life
  • Reclaim your life
  • Connect with joy
  • Bring acceptance of what ‘IS’ in life, even if we don’t like it
  • Meditate, sit and breath
  • Improve sleep
  • Assist in decision making
  • Improves clarity of the mind